Interviews, my literary work in the press, cultural websites, literary magazines and blogs.

In weekly paper “Vista Libre” (Arequipa, Peru).

In La Industria Journal. Interview by Luis Fernando Quintanilla.

In El Comercio website, about the anthology Overflying: The new authors of La Libertad.

At the IV Poetry Festival of Lima 2013 (Hanan Harawi) / Credits: Jaime Jiménez.

Interview by the Peruvian Literary Network.

Interview in the cultural programme “Atelier” (UPAO TV) 2013.

In the blog of Literary Group “Parasomnia” (Lima, Peru).

In Powderzine magazine (Peruvian Issue), with the english poem The Last Star.

In Verso & Prosa, Jorge Ampuero’s poetry blog.

In Metapoesía, Contemporary poetry website (Ibero-America).

In La Fortaleza de la Soledad, Gabriel Ruiz Ortega’s literary blog.