About Karina

Awarded young writer and cultural promoter. Has a major in Mass Media from the National University of Trujillo. Has received literary prizes nationwide (Peru), worth to mention the first places in the II Contest of Peruvian Stories Caesar Vallejo (Trujillo’s Center of Cultural Promotion); II Contest of Short Story Full Page (Peruvian-American Institute El Cultural); I University Floral Games Eduardo Gonzalez Viaña (National University of Trujillo). As a writer, she has been invited to the I Binational Encounter of Young Poets in Ecuador (Ministry of Culture, El Oro, Ecuador, 2011); Literary Gathering Soirées Littéraires Millefeuilles (Peruvian-Luxembourger Cultural Institute, 2011); IV Festival of Poetry in Lima (Harawi Tinkuy, 2013); «Arequipa Imaginada», a program for young writers (Ministry of Culture, Peru, 2017). Her poems were published in the Literary Anthologies: I Encounter of Literary Groups at the Pontificial Catholic University of Peru (Interdisciplinary group TXT); Confesions of an unbeliever by Manuel Luque (Lima, 2012). Anthology A Woman’s Scream, edited by Cascada de Palabras publishers (Mexico, 2011). Her stories were published in the Anthologies: Stories from La Libertad: Current Overview by Carlos Santa Maria (Casa Nuestra Publishers), Overflying, the new authors of La Libertad by Gonzalo del Rosario (Nine Monsters Publishers). Her literary work can also be seen at Liberoaméricaa spanish magazine of Literature.

As an independent cultural promoter, Karina organized nearly twenty literary events, such as the Literary Gathering Howls, honoring Allen Ginsberg; II Festival of Poetry A Woman’s Scream, Recitals honoring A Thousand Poems to César Vallejo, among others.

Has published the poetry book El Ángulo Abierto de la noche (the open angle of the night), Planeta Délfico y otros cuentos (Delphic planet and other stories) and the poetry book Enlightenment of Derangement.

She was born on may 21st, 1986 in La Libertad, Peru, birthplace of the greatest peruvian and universal poet César Vallejo.